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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

the cold deck got a little warmer last night..........just in time too

once again last night i was determined to break this month long streak of not cashing in any tourney i play.   i was off to a good start too when about halfway through the first hour i turned a 9 high flush and felted two players.   then shortly before the break and end of rebuy period i lost 75% of my stack when i flopped top pair, K kicker.    i felt pretty deflated at that point and for the first time at this tuesday night game had to throw in another $20 for 2500 extra chips.   we were only about 15 minutes away from the end of the rebuy period so i was hoping to get it all in and double up, but it was not to be. i did win a few pots though to add a little to my stack.  i added on 3K in chips for another $20 naturally.   i started the 2nd hour with 7200 chips at 200/400.  not exactly a big stack, but i have some room to be patient.  

i have been trying to find good spots to be aggressive lately (sometimes when i don't even have a hand) and trying to time it so that my raise puts pressure on my opponents stack.  these are the situations where i don't need a hand really.  i just have to make my opponent have a hand.   so i found a spot last night.......sort of.   blinds were 300/600 and i had 5900 total.  i'm needing a double up pretty badly right now.   the cards get delt and i look down at 10/2 off suit.   bad hand..............but then everyone starts folding to me and i notice those about to act already have their cards in their hands ready to muck.  i don't need a hand now and i know this is a spot to put the pressure on the blinds and try and steal them.   so it folds to me and i insta shove my whole stack.    small blinds mucks quickly, but the big blind does not.  OOOOOOOOOOOOPS!!!  maybe i timed this one badly.  guess i'm about to find out.   so the big blind calls (for about 70% of his stack mind you = bad call) with 10/9 diamonds.   really?????????????   you called off 70% of your stack with 10/9 suited?   amazing.  naturally the guys at the table look at me like i'm the dumbest card player on the planet, but before i go further let me make it perfectly clear that i DID NOT want a call.  it was thievery i was up to....plain and simple.   so i start my usual antics of getting up and folding up my chair, shaking a few hands and putting my chip protector back in my pocket.  why you ask?  because, and i swear it, more than 50% of the time if i do this when i'm behind in the hand i catch up to win it.  i know you think i'm nuts, but it seems to work.   flop drops and i miss my deuce, turns comes and it's an 8 and i SWEAR to you that i turned around and walked out of the room................then with my back to the doorway on my way out of the house my table ERUPTS!!!!   my good ole trick worked again..................BLACK DEUCE peeled off on the river to give me the double up.   what can i say?  i'm a donk sometimes. 

nothing exciting happened for awhile after that.  i won a few pots, but with the blinds going up so fast it's not a tourney made for patience.   well, the guys in this room apparently think they can work comfortably with 10 big blinds.  i saw one guy, more than once, call a raise for 3X the big blind leaving himself only 4-5 BB's behind.  that i do not understand at all.   that's pointless to me.  knowing all this about these guys i decided last night to get aggressive with any ace 10 or higher (highest pair i saw all night was 1010).   so when i woke up with AQ, AJ or A10 and had 10-15 big blinds i just shoved.   these guys won't call that, BUT if i were to just raise it up pre flop they'll call half their stack off and then if they don't hit they fold.....leaving themselves with NOTHING to work with (and of course if i don't hit then i'm up a creek).   needless to say i shoved a lot when it was down to 7-8 people and i do this often at this room because i, more than once, got someone off A7/8 suited by shoving a nice sized stack in pre flop.  at around the 500/1000 level i once again i shoved with KJ off suit after two limpers and i got called my 1010.  ooooops.   i thanked every one and packed my stuff up again..............and guess what hit the river?    a KING.  lucky me.............again.  so i decimated the stack of the guy with 1010 and he was out shortly after.   one guy in particular, who i have played heads up with, is really getting frustrated with me at this point.   i shoved once or twice, with AQ or AJ, on his big blind and he verbally complained to me for almost 30 seconds about picking on his big blind.   he also asked me if i had 10/2 again.  hahahahahahahahaha!  i told him, while pointing to my all in stack, that it would cost him that much to find out what i had.   i knew he wasn't calling.  that guy always puts on a hollywood show when his hand sucks, but he wants to pretend like he has a tough decision.  

at 4 handed and on the money bubble someone suggested we pull $100 off the top to give to the bubble boy.  i didn't want to, but in the spirit of being nice i said ok.  now there's about $1550 left in the purse.  then bubble boy goes out (the oscar nominee) and suddenly the short stack wants to chop it 3 ways (this guy refused to chop 4 ways), so i and the other guy said no.  before i know it i've taken out 3rd place, short stack at table, when i woke up with 77 and he had A8.  the board faded his 6 outs and now i'm heads up.  i always chop at heads up and last night as much as i needed first place money ($900 ish), i said ok.  i had 160K and he had 80K and it's pretty much going all in at this point instead of taking a chance on going card dead i'll just settle for chopping.   so we did and i made a nice chunk of cash last night. 

so the cards are done for the week (my sunday tourney was a disaster) and i have 4 shows the rest of the week.   tonight is with copeland at Lola's and the rest of the week is with ted russell kamp.   2 are here in ftw and one is in plano.....and if all goes well next tuesday on the felt i'll hopefully play another $60 rebuy next weekend.

the "jazz odyssey" project is in the making too............big big big big sounds ahead. 

music pick of the week:  the orbans.   please go download their record.  they're good people and they make good music:

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