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Friday, September 23, 2011

go ahead.....have a natter. it'll be good for you.

well, with the cooler weather in the last few weeks came a break in my downswing at the card table.  bad summer.  i mean really bad.  i only cashed once from mid june to early september and while that sounds like i probably lost thousands.....i didn't.    i was far enough in the black in june (from a nice 7 week heater) that at the present moment i'm still up a couple grand (too bad i had bills to pay with all that money).   the month of august was the only month i actually finished down since march..   this month so far i've played 5 tourneys and i'm up, but it's not by much.  still it's enough profits that i can set it aside and use it to play long as no unexpected bills hit me soon, but of course don't they always. 

i still dislike no limit hold em, but that's all anyone wants to play anymore.  it's sad.  they get confused quite badly if you try and give them more than two cards in their hand.  which of course is also funny.   the nuts is what?  7/5/4/3/2?   really?  i must say that low ball games are my absolute favorite.  they make much more sense to me which is why lately all i have been playing online is either 2-7 triple draw, 2-7 NL single draw or omaha 8 or better.  HORSE is mixed in there when possible.   next year if i make it to the WSOP i doubt i'll bother with no fold em hold em.  i heard a TON of horror stories about how people got knocked out of tourneys last year and i'm talking at $1K-$5K events.  we're not talking about someone donking out at a $100 tourney.  like they say, they are everywhere.  i also think some of it had to do with the fact that no one is playing online as much so the ball cap/hoodie kids had to go play live.  

and...........i just had a "light bulb" sort of moment in part thanks to a conversation i had with nick (the owner of ye olde bull and bush) last night at the pub.   it seems that only within the last 6 years that smart phones and social networking have come along, yet they have consumed all us like mad.  i'm no exception.   so the thought crossed my mind that we should set aside entire evenings of hanging out with friends or family and ALL PHONES GET TURNED OFF for the entire duration.  worse case put them on vibrate and just leave them alone.  serioulsy, the human race isn't "talking" anymore.  i mean, sure we talk while we hangout with friends, but someone is always checking their phone or texting someone.  i'm guilty too, but i'm quite done with it. so just pick a place and pick some friends and TALK.  converse.  have a the brits say.   a restaurant, a bar, a pub, someone's house.  any place works.  it's not about where you are it's about WHO you are with.  of course if there's good food involved then please invite me and i'll supply the smokes and quite possibly more food.  part of the reason i LOVE traveling overseas is i can't make or receive calls or texts.  it leaves me with plenty of time to actually take every thing in.   i'm going to attempt to round up some folks on sunday and try this.  i'm guessing it'll be hard at first, but hopefully it'll catch on.

once upon a time here in fort worth some friends and i would get together on a regular basis for "family dinner".  those were great evenings and they don't happen anymore, but it's not because we're not friends anymore.  life just happened.   

and the london trip is coming together quite nicely.  i have two guitars lined up to take and i'm looking for one or two more.   the plane flight is set as well:  $400RT with me flying business class on the way over and coach on the way back.  the hotel i found is about two miles from the fox poker club and it's about $75 US a night.  so the only thing left to do is come up with about another 1K and i'll be set.

ok. as usual i'm hungry, so time to go stuff my face.  fuzzy's sounds good.

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