Cigars Cards and Mile Markers

Thursday, January 27, 2011


it's been over two months since i've logged in here, but not much has happened really.   other than my excursion to the NW in december i've pretty much been hanging here in east nashville just working at 3 crow 4 nights a week.   i wish i could say i've been playing shows, but i haven't been doing that either.  only 3 since thanksgiving and one was a fly date to austin last week.   next week i do have a show with the 5 tones at 12th and porter (mon. 1/31) and with bonnie bishop and the modern day prophets at the building (2/1) and then............who knows. 

i honestly don't know what to make of this lack of desire to play music anymore.    it's quite strange to not care to much about doing the ONE thing you've done for 25 years.   i mean, i have some friends who've barely been alive that long.  weird.  i do still love sitting down behind a kit and playing good songs with great musicians, but that day-to-day desire to play all the time is just gone.......................  SO, just to make it official, i'm splitting music city.   living over here on the east side is nice, cheap, the food is good, the people are friendly (need i even mention 2-4-1 nights?), put it simply.  i didn't move to this town to have a day job.......i moved here to play music and if i can't do that much here then i'm out.  i'm just spinning my wheels living like i have the past 2 months.   i make just enough to keep me stuck and i'm just not willing to live that way.   my new digs are secured in ftw and i have a few ideas for work and some possible gigs.   a grand idea would be to get on the road doing some road managing or drum teching....just for a quick fix at least.

i'm hauling load #1 to the fort tomorrow (private party on saturday night with adam hood and then fly back sunday morning), so if anyone's around i'm sure i'll pop into the pub tomorrow night for a few pints......and next weekend i'll haul the rest of it.