Cigars Cards and Mile Markers

Saturday, November 20, 2010

so bored.....

i really should walk down the street tonight and get out of this apt.   the cards have been quite cruel this week. i lost to a lot of runner runner, 3 outers, 4 outers......and very few of my draws are hitting like they should.  twice i remember getting it all in with top set and a flush draw......only to brick the turn and river to lose the hand.  oh well.  the online bankroll has taken a hit of about $200 this week (half in ring games, half in tourneys).   nothing i can do about it really.   it'll come back around and i'm sure i'll be playing when it does.  last night and thursday night i tried playing one or two tourneys much above where i should be playing, bankroll wise, and i proved to myself i hang in those better than i thought.   the $26 stud hi/lo plaid 13 people (about 135 entered) and i busted out in 18.   my split A's ran into an opponents rolled up 4's.   as they say, that's poker.   the point is that i have to get to the point where i'm playing in $20 and up tourneys.   these $5 tourneys are a beating with the amount of bad play day in and day out.   most especially on the weekends. 

i WILL play in a wsop circuit event this season before next summer's WSOP in vegas (might go there too).   my good friend carl wants me to fly out to san diego in march to play out there in a few events.   i had planned on going to durant, oklahoma in january instead, so we'll see (durant would be nice seeing as i could take a few days to hang in the fort).  it's doubtful i can do both unless i have a big score between now and january, which is not likely given my bankroll.  it doesn't mean i won't stop trying.  

cabin fever is setting in at this point in the day, so i think i'm headed down to 3C for a bit, but eating was first on the list of things to do.  so this was it:

romaine lettuce w/ cranberries, sliced parmesan cheese (, cilantro, real bacon and  balsamic vinaigrette (i really should start making that instead of buying it).   i also need to figure out what i'm cooking for thanksgiving next week.   as much as i cook i really don't have an excuse NOT to take something down to pop's place next thursday.  

and these two smokes are going up in flames tonight:  on the left is a vegueros cepos from around '01 and the davidoff on the right is a margeaux from the mid 80's.  

and pick up this record if you don't have it (which i'm sure most of you don't).   it's fantastic:



Thursday, November 18, 2010

these old bones.............

.........are getting extremely restless.   i haven't traveled much since moving to nashville a year ago and for awhile i was ok with it.  after many many years of constant travel and touring it was nice to kick back and relax.  to be home consistently on a friday and saturday night was not something i was accustom to at all and after a few months i realized it ain't so bad not always being on the go......if you have a reason to be home that is.  at the moment i don't have a reason to always be home and the travel bug is seriously starting to bite me.  i NEED to get out on the road soon (yeah, i know, bad time of the year for that) and i really don't care in what capacity.   drummer, road manager, merch guy, driver, drum tech..............anything. 

my good friend eric, with whom i play cards with regularly here in east nashville, were discussing last night about what it is we strive to get out of our jobs.   by that i don't mean fame (entertainment biz) or some high paying suit job.  what i mean is why are you working THAT job?  why are you currently doing what you are doing?  is it because you love that job or does it simply enable you to earn enough money to do what really makes you happy?   or is it, for the time being, something you have to do to pay the bills?  sometimes you love your job so much that making a nice living at it is a nice little bonus.    sometimes you hate your job so much the excess money you make isn't worth it.

at this point in my life i still absolutely love playing music, not necessarly drums per se, but i love playing MUSIC.   there is a difference.  i like playing the groove simply to enhance the melody.   period.   anything else i do that gets in the way of the main groove or melody is simply rubbish.  so i try and avoid doing that.   sometimes i succeed and sometimes i don't........much like cards.

"it isn't necessary to follow chord by chord, but a drummer should know the melody.....that way the song can be played as a unit, not just two or three people carrying the whole thing and the drummer sitting back there just keeping time" - Elvin jones


so in thinking back to my conversation with eric last night, and i have realized this over the last year or so, at this point my playing music is what enables me to do something that i have always loved and will always love.   playing music is the thing that gets me to where i want to be.......................which is traveling this very large planet.

traveling......................that's it.  that's THE single reason that i try and make a lot of money, so i can see the world (which is understandably why touring is such a wonderful thing: music AND traveling).   i've been traveling since i was 2 years old when my mom, pop, sister and brother went camping.    we traveled every summer to somewhere (usually north carolina) and i remember some of those trips very vividly.   traveling all over the world (or US), meeting new people and eating new foods will most certainly help you appreciate home, your family and your close friends.   OR it'll make you want to pack up and move.  i know that both times i have been to london i NEVER want to leave.   i love the people there, the slang, the pubs, the food and the weather.   especially the weather (which also explains my love of seattle).  i love living out of a suitcase, sleeping in hotel beds, driving every day (well, almost every day) and always trying to find some small cafe or restaurant to have some good local food (mind you i have had some very bad food on my travels).  the seafood enchiladas on the santa monica pier and the seafood pasta in DE come to mind.   the latter i actually had to send back after two bites.   i do NOT like sending my food back to the kitchen and have only done so twice in my life (the other time was in amsterdam). 

i can remember taking the pics below like i took them yesterday (except for the one in ftw 10/08.  i have NO clue what i was doing up that early on a thursday morning.  i'm assuming i hadn't been to sleep and stepped outside when i heard amy taking bitty to school...who knows).    the one from canberra, australia i vividly remember taking.   mike wynn and i were out on the balcony of the hotel we were staying at having a smoke and a pint.  i don't know what we were chatting about, but the subject matter matters not.   kicking back with a good friend enjoying life on the other side of the world is all i remember.  

                                                                fort worth, TX: christmas day '07

                                                                  canberra, australia:  feb. '07

                                                                   lubbock, TX:  '04

                                                                 sunrise in needles, CA:  jan. '07

                                                                  seattle, WA:  december '08

                                                     sunrise somewhere in AZ:  november '08

                                                           sunrise in ftw, TX: 10-23-08

                                                              camp atsugi, japan:  march '07

                                                    steamboat springs, CO:  january '06

                                                   french quarter, new orleans, LA: sept.'07

and this quote pretty much sums it all up:

"It says something about me, I think, that I am most at ease these days-at my most relaxed-when alone in the smoking room of an airport lounge, coming from somewhere nice and on my way to another." - Anthony Bourdain

ok, time to cook some dinner and go play some live cards at 7pm.


Monday, November 15, 2010

i love mondays

it's THE only day of the week that i'm guaranteed to have the whole day to myself to play cards.  today did not start off well when i took a not-so-lovely beat in the first tourney i played.   i cooled off a bit and then proceeded to play two cash tables.   after about 3 hours i had doubled my money and the since the last 30 minutes i'd hit a few coolers and the deck went cold, i opted to get out.   what else to do now, but 

 the platos carnitas at rosepepper cantina over here in east nashville has to be one of THE best meals around this area (i do like my corn dogs at drifters, but that's only a snack, not a meal).  seriously, look at that picture.  it does not suck. the pecan mole on the left is superb and get the corn tortillas, not the flour.   i also tend to dump the lime/cilantro salsa on top of the roast pork.  

so now that i'm stuffed it's back to the cards (and smoking an excellent partagas corona from '02).   currently playing an $11 omaha 8 hi/lo fixed limit tourney that had only 118 sign up and for some reason 18 cash, not the usual 10% which should be 12.   so unless i make the final table of 9 i don't even double my money.  the good news is that quite a few people on my table are over playing their hands, so once the blinds go up i'm sure they'll be on their way out.   i also have another NLHE tourney about to start.  here's to hoping i do well in both. 


Saturday, November 13, 2010

roller coaster week

up and down and up and down..................all week.   not necessarily in profit per se, but just in catching hands, missing flops and generally just not playing my best.   i know, partially, why it's happening.   now i just have to fix those things.    those "things" cost me money this week and considering i've made more money playing cards the last week or so than playing music (and working at 3 crow) it makes a very motivating thing to get done.   i can't play music every day for cash, but i can play cards...........and i do.

                              *****me, amy and gwen fall '06 (@ woodys per usual)*****

i really, really, really need a few weeks on the road.   like in a holiday sense, not a tour (that wouldn't be so bad either).   maybe when i get my van flipped and get another one i can do just that.   warm pints, the empire casino, blood sausage and potato jackets are just what i need right about now.    my restlessness is seriously in full swing at the moment.   haven't been back to the fort since july either..........and THAT is no bueno.  

    ******pint of peroni and some old the thames river at the albany pub.  may '09******

ok, i'm back on FT and found a soft table.   i've already double one buy in and working doing the same at the other table as well (i currently multi table only two tables at a time...hopefully in the next month i can do up to 4).   time for dinner, fridge is empty so i guess it's out of the apt i go.   mexican, pizza, sandwhich...............who knows.....also thinking i'll pull out another very very old cigars tonight to light up.  seems like a good night to do that.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

i hate the word blog

seriously.........what does it mean and who invented it?   regardless, that's what they call these things.    i'm not sure what all i will post here, but it will most likely include anything that involves traveling, cooking, card playing, cuban cigars and general misadventures.   there will be pictures, stories and who knows what else.  i really have no planned idea for this, so here goes.    did i mention there will be pics? 

testing testing..........

still figuring this thing out.......