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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

it's a little bit of everything this week.....

well, the week started off with the usual monday night cigar gathering and it's always bigger when the monday falls on a day like july 4th.   there's always a few extra people there and the food quality and amounts go through the roof (thank you james).  i pretty much ate a huge plate full of pig and salad monday night and was more than satisfied.   not to mention that as soon as i walked through the door i was given a CAN of stella.  not a bottle, but a CAN.  i have waited years for them to start importing stella in a can here in the states.   hopefully this will mean the end of stella in a bottle, but i doubt it.  

 and last night was my usual tuesday night tourney.   i felt great on the way there and knew without a doubt i'd play well.......and i did.   i mixed up my game a bit more during the rebuy period and it paid off big on one hand when i rivered my open ender to beat my opponents top pair that he turned.  i also felted a guy on that same hand as well.    my stack of chips last night was a massive roller coaster though.    shortly after the RB period was over we were at 300/600 and i woke up with QQ on the button.  to my delight the hijack seat raised to 2400 (leaving himself only about 3500 behind), so i know what ever he has he's not folding to a shove.   so i shoved.   i'm not flatting with QQ there in any instance.  if he has AA or KK so be it.  i was hoping he'd have AK or JJ/1010, but no.................he called with AA.   i bricked out and he doubled up.  at this point i'm very much crippled with only about 3700 chips.  the short of it is that i doubled up 2 hands later with pocket 10's and then the next time i hit the small blind i doubled up again when i flopped bottom set.   that's where my chip stack decided to ride the roller coaster.   take the first short stack out with JJ vs AQ and then shove with A10 and another short stack calls with 44.  i brick the board and he doubles up.   then i am forced to fold KQ suited after the cut off shoves and the small blind reshoves.   painful fold, but i know i'm behind and one of them can easily have AK or AQ which leaves me drawing quite quite thin.  turns out i folded the winner.  oh well.   it's all about making the right decision at that moment and i did.  it just turns out that i would have flopped and turned a K giving me trip K's which would have tripled me up.   like i said............painful fold, but it was THE right decision and i know it. 

that's pretty much the short version of the tourney last night.  i know most of you don't play cards and don't understand half of what i say in poker lingo, so i won't drag details about last nights tourney out.   i was mentally exhausted after i busted out last night because as soon as i'd get some steam rolling i'd take a hit, but i was ok with ALL OF IT because i played well and didn't make any bad calls or moves.  that's all i can really do.  funds are thin right now, so it hurts that i have to cut back to only tuesday nights for cards, but i simply can't afford to play any other tourneys right now.   my pops, the former baptist preacher, of course is constantly concerned i'm developing a gambling addiction.  i appreciate his concern, he's my pops so it's only natural, but he doesn't understand poker too much.   to him it's ALL gambling and i don't think he quite grasps the skill involved in poker......and that's ok.   he doesn't have to understand it...............i do.

next up this week is the usual wednesday night gig at Lola's with COPELAND and the gang, thursday i'm off and then my good friend TED RUSSELL KAMP is back in town for 10 days.   we have 6 full band shows and Ted has 2 other acoustic shows (denison and ftw).   i'm also in the studio with Ted and Matt Mason (a friend of Ted's from Tulsa) one day and Ted has also decided to shoot a video for a track off his new record so i'll get to be a part of that as well.   it's gonna be a busy 10 days, but it will involve good people and good music which is the only reason i enjoy playing with ted (and chris and josh).   i've said it before and i will say it again..........i don't play music that sucks anymore for money. life is too short to sell my soul anymore.  here are the details for all the shows on this TX run:

Thursday, 7/7 - Whiskey Nick's - Sherman, TX  - acoustic/Ted solo
(3605 Hwy 75 S., Right on OK/TX border)

Friday 7/8, 7pm – 8:30pm - Downtown Street Fair, Denison, TX   - full band with josh davis/chris claridy

Friday 7/8, 10pm - Midnight – T- Bones, Denison, TX   
- full band with josh davis/chris claridy 
 (101 East Main Street,, (903) 464-0888)

Saurday 7/9 - Armadillo Palace, Houston, TX (w/ SHY BLAKEMAN)  
- full band with josh davis
(5015 Kirby Drive, (713) 526-9700)

Sunday 7/10, 3pm – 6pm - Fred's Café, Ft. Worth TX   - acoustic/Ted and Matt Mason
(915 Currie St, FTW (817).332.0083)

Thursday 7/14, 10pm – 1:30am – Flithy McNasty’s, Fort Worth, TX 
- full band with josh davis/chris claridy ( 114 West Exchange Ave.)

Friday 7/15 – 10pm  - Woody’ s Tavern, Ft. Worth, TX –  
- full band with josh davis/chris claridy
w/ KEITH KILLOREN & MATT MASON - (4474 Bryant Irvin Rd.)

Saturday, 7/16 - noon to 4pm - Ted will be filming a music video at a cool old honky tonk on the North Side of Dallas, if you want to come celebrate with us, and possibly be in the video, please email back!

Saturday 7/16, 8PM - Love and War in Texas - Plano, TX 
- full band with josh davis/chris claridy
(601 E. Plano Parkway)

this is gonna be a good run no doubt.  an added bonus is that josh and i are headed down to galveston after the show friday night so i'll get to enjoy some beach weather on saturday during the day.    only a few errands to get done today and then it's pool time with some of my favorite people in the fort.   then sushi for dinner and then Lola's.  

also, i just found this record on itunes and had no idea it even came out this year.  this one will have to get me by until the band makes a new studio record........of which i am quite stoked about:

ok......time to eat and enjoy an afternoon in the pool.  

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