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Saturday, November 20, 2010

so bored.....

i really should walk down the street tonight and get out of this apt.   the cards have been quite cruel this week. i lost to a lot of runner runner, 3 outers, 4 outers......and very few of my draws are hitting like they should.  twice i remember getting it all in with top set and a flush draw......only to brick the turn and river to lose the hand.  oh well.  the online bankroll has taken a hit of about $200 this week (half in ring games, half in tourneys).   nothing i can do about it really.   it'll come back around and i'm sure i'll be playing when it does.  last night and thursday night i tried playing one or two tourneys much above where i should be playing, bankroll wise, and i proved to myself i hang in those better than i thought.   the $26 stud hi/lo plaid 13 people (about 135 entered) and i busted out in 18.   my split A's ran into an opponents rolled up 4's.   as they say, that's poker.   the point is that i have to get to the point where i'm playing in $20 and up tourneys.   these $5 tourneys are a beating with the amount of bad play day in and day out.   most especially on the weekends. 

i WILL play in a wsop circuit event this season before next summer's WSOP in vegas (might go there too).   my good friend carl wants me to fly out to san diego in march to play out there in a few events.   i had planned on going to durant, oklahoma in january instead, so we'll see (durant would be nice seeing as i could take a few days to hang in the fort).  it's doubtful i can do both unless i have a big score between now and january, which is not likely given my bankroll.  it doesn't mean i won't stop trying.  

cabin fever is setting in at this point in the day, so i think i'm headed down to 3C for a bit, but eating was first on the list of things to do.  so this was it:

romaine lettuce w/ cranberries, sliced parmesan cheese (, cilantro, real bacon and  balsamic vinaigrette (i really should start making that instead of buying it).   i also need to figure out what i'm cooking for thanksgiving next week.   as much as i cook i really don't have an excuse NOT to take something down to pop's place next thursday.  

and these two smokes are going up in flames tonight:  on the left is a vegueros cepos from around '01 and the davidoff on the right is a margeaux from the mid 80's.  

and pick up this record if you don't have it (which i'm sure most of you don't).   it's fantastic:



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