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Saturday, November 13, 2010

roller coaster week

up and down and up and down..................all week.   not necessarily in profit per se, but just in catching hands, missing flops and generally just not playing my best.   i know, partially, why it's happening.   now i just have to fix those things.    those "things" cost me money this week and considering i've made more money playing cards the last week or so than playing music (and working at 3 crow) it makes a very motivating thing to get done.   i can't play music every day for cash, but i can play cards...........and i do.

                              *****me, amy and gwen fall '06 (@ woodys per usual)*****

i really, really, really need a few weeks on the road.   like in a holiday sense, not a tour (that wouldn't be so bad either).   maybe when i get my van flipped and get another one i can do just that.   warm pints, the empire casino, blood sausage and potato jackets are just what i need right about now.    my restlessness is seriously in full swing at the moment.   haven't been back to the fort since july either..........and THAT is no bueno.  

    ******pint of peroni and some old the thames river at the albany pub.  may '09******

ok, i'm back on FT and found a soft table.   i've already double one buy in and working doing the same at the other table as well (i currently multi table only two tables at a time...hopefully in the next month i can do up to 4).   time for dinner, fridge is empty so i guess it's out of the apt i go.   mexican, pizza, sandwhich...............who knows.....also thinking i'll pull out another very very old cigars tonight to light up.  seems like a good night to do that.


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