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Monday, November 15, 2010

i love mondays

it's THE only day of the week that i'm guaranteed to have the whole day to myself to play cards.  today did not start off well when i took a not-so-lovely beat in the first tourney i played.   i cooled off a bit and then proceeded to play two cash tables.   after about 3 hours i had doubled my money and the since the last 30 minutes i'd hit a few coolers and the deck went cold, i opted to get out.   what else to do now, but 

 the platos carnitas at rosepepper cantina over here in east nashville has to be one of THE best meals around this area (i do like my corn dogs at drifters, but that's only a snack, not a meal).  seriously, look at that picture.  it does not suck. the pecan mole on the left is superb and get the corn tortillas, not the flour.   i also tend to dump the lime/cilantro salsa on top of the roast pork.  

so now that i'm stuffed it's back to the cards (and smoking an excellent partagas corona from '02).   currently playing an $11 omaha 8 hi/lo fixed limit tourney that had only 118 sign up and for some reason 18 cash, not the usual 10% which should be 12.   so unless i make the final table of 9 i don't even double my money.  the good news is that quite a few people on my table are over playing their hands, so once the blinds go up i'm sure they'll be on their way out.   i also have another NLHE tourney about to start.  here's to hoping i do well in both. 


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